Care Matters!

Care Matters!

The humankind forms caring relationships with their family, community, friends, institutions, nature, belongings, spaces etc. So long as these relationships are nurtured, there is an opportunity and hope to grow together. Caring for people and reaching out our hands to people who deserve a life of dignity matters. Ensuring their right to safety and livelihoods requires a collective effort and measures to ensure economic sustainability for the skilled artisans involved in creating clothes and accessories that matter.

Care for the handloom weavers and garment artisans’ matter! Makers Matter!

The heart-breaking visuals of countless daily wage laborers in a mass exodus from Indian metro cities are a reminder, how migration is challenging at many levels. Our slow fashion practice contributes towards providing skillful employment opportunity to spinners, weavers, dyers, embroiders, crafts people in their native villages, without displacing them from their communities.
Slow fashion cares for people who make unique artisanal products, utilizing the indigenous craft skills and natural resources to co- create beautiful garments. They translate our minimalist fashion vision to create artisanal garments. These clothes tell a story about, the care for people who make our clothes with love and take the legacy forward. We in turn care for the Earth by using immaculate design intervention and adopting Earth-friendly processes at every stage of design development from farm to grave. This is essential to make the life cycle of the clothes meaningful to all people.
We care for the people who wear our clothes, so they receive a good value for their investment in our versatile clothes that suit the contemporary Indian styles. Well-made good quality clothes last longer with due care and love shown by the mindful slow-getters.

Organic Washiing Instructions
Adopt organic washing using “Reetha” soapnut for chemical free laundry. You can hand-wash delicate clothes or gentle machine wash. Avoid dry cleaning, learn the art of home cleaning your well loved collectibles, steer clear of harmful chemicals detrimental to your health and also the environment like the bleaches, fabric softeners, harsh detergents which promise to release stains easily. Sundry the clothes avoid using a separate dryer, this saves electricity and disinfects with natural sunlight. This way we care for fashion and the environment too.
Organize your wardrobe, mend and take care of your well-loved pieces, purge what you may not need, swap and share. Invest in few good quality artisanal clothes that will last longer and wear them several times. Cherish them as important pieces in their wardrobes. Loved clothes last longer, as there is care involved in the relationship.
Invest in pieces that suit your everyday lifestyle and has a unique story behind it about the makers. Create your own unique slow fashion stories that care for the maker, wearer and the Earth.

V Care MaskWearing masks is caring for others and oneself, wearing handmade handwoven, re-useable, eco-friendly, natural dyed V-care masks is caring for the makers to earn livelihoods and taking care of the community during the pandemic. V-care masks are made from our post-production remnant, so contribute towards zero waste and are earth friendly to flatten the curve.

Do share your care stories, care matters!

Dr Vaibbhavi Pruthviraj Ranavaade

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