Future of Fashion: post Covid – 2019 pandemic

Let us all take a pause and pray for the world to Heal !

The Corona Pandemic will definitely make all the stake holders re-look at the lifestyle we choose.
The wellbeing of the Planet Earth, People , Economy and infrastructure will undergo a slow down,
Where the worldview and Expectations from fashion will be in state of flux.
Therefore the choices we make now will help us make the course correction, and disrupt the past practices and grow together.

MINDFUL Slowing down is Inevitable.

The value of simple joys of everyday living, the future may see more Work from Home opportunities, hence the need for a work wardrobe may reduce.
People may empathise more with birds & animals and other humans and find more ways of sharing and showing gratitude to create happy environment and celebrate human – nature connect.
People will learn to Value and invest in businesses which are more human centric and find a better work-life balance.
People are likely to practice more frugal ways of DIY to make their lives more practical and decorate their spaces, as they spend more time at home.
They may take to Recycle and upcycle their loved clothes too.
People will find little more time to educate themselves about the responsible choices of food, and exercise to stay healthy; also about textile & fashion rooted in best cultural practices with an open mind to appreciate other practices too.
A glocal perspective may lead to appreciating the local as well as global options what may best suit their lifestyle.

The role of Textile and Fashion education also will see a huge transition.
Familiarity with appropriate digital technology to engage cross section of learners and
delivering the relevant fashion curricula for the future challenges of the fashion industry.
The use of online education will have a wider outreach, live- streaming, V-Logs, video conferencing, etc will become important pedagogic tools
along with the face to face interactions in a design studio and clothing labs and primary research.

When we talk of fashion it includes all the people involved the makers and wearers.
And Not just the products.

The Wearers will need to make wiser ethical choices with regard to

-The ecological impact of their choices on the limited resources of our planet.
-The social responsibility towards how the people making their clothes are treated.
– Economic viability of their own fashion choices as well as knowing that the makers are getting fair wages.
The process behind the making of fashion needs to be transparent and wearerโ€™s choices will define the way forward for textile fashion business.

Fashion which is personalised and meaningful, has a strong cultural connect & story will find favour over mass consumption.

Organize your wardrobe, mend and take care of your well-loved pieces, purge what you may not need, swap & share,
Invest in few good quality clothes that will last longer and wear it often.
Invest in pieces that suit your everyday lifestyles and has a unique story behind it about the makers and add your own stories with the garment to create a unique fashion story.

The Makers involved in the back breaking pursuit of producing unique artisanal products with pride and joy.
They live life one with nature & work with their own hands to take their legacy
They will be motivated to continue practice of the hand crafted textiles and pass it further to next generation if they experience dignity, economic viability
and a promising future!

The visual communication stories need to be told about the good quality clothes over quantity, cultural and craft sustenance, also about sustainable livelihoods will be educational for the uninitiated fashion buyers.

We are in it together!

Pause for Fashion



Dr Vaibbhavi Pruthviraj Ranavaade

2 thoughts on “Future of Fashion: post Covid – 2019 pandemic

Karthikesh Swami



Your post is very well thought and grounded in reality. It reflects an underlying truth and honesty that is seldom seen these days.

I wish you success in your endeavours, not just for yourselves but because you are wanting to support all those involved in the supply chain.

Best wishes

May 26, 2020 at 8:28 am



Thank You Karthik ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

May 26, 2020 at 11:49 am

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