The world we live in seems to be moving at a pace which is getting faster and faster each day, and very challenging for thinking individuals to catch up with. The person who thinks, dreams and imagines needs to PAUSE and question the speed at which changes are happening.

In this need for speed which the new world order seems to drive everyone,  there are few who are mindful of the trade off one is making with one’s own existence, the environmental depletion, the  real stories of the people we are , our cultural traditions, arts & crafts ; complex influences that shape our current choices and in turn affect our future. The future may not be as pleasant, given our mindless consumption and greed!

It is time that this mindfulness is inculcated as habit and a check to impact our actions in positive manner. This space is an endeavor to share ideas , concepts towards slowing down ourselves and caring for things and life around us, slowing down our consumption and being responsible in choosing lifestyle which allows one the liberty to slowdown. However there may be misconception  that slowing down will make us less productive  or laid back;  on the contrary  it is a movement which will require definitive action to change our mindless lifestyle , sensitize self and others around  us  patiently and diligently to help accelerate the slowing down.

The human existence thrives on “Roti, Kapdaa aur Makaan” translated as “Food, clothing and Shelter”, while many may not have direct control on the food and shelter options , due to dependence on various factors like supply chain, affordability , inadequate know how to switch to slower alternatives. Till such time the matter with the maximum individual choice and expression is clothing, and clothing has far crossed the basic requirement of protection and modesty/ immodesty, is now crossing the border and is matter of fashion, fashion literally means “the spirit of the  times” . It is therefore only time that we find new interpretation to the spirit of our time, which needs to slow down the pace of demand, in turn the need of faster, quicker production only to be discarded and dumped, to pollute the environment and exploit the people to make these.

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