The Human touch for handmade in India

The Human touch for Handmade in India

The appreciation of something that we value is realized when we are not able to experience it. In the present scenario of the pandemic, we are all required to follow the protocol of social distancing we are experiencing a very unique situation where human interaction is altered and distanced in many ways. Simple heart-warming gestures like just exchanging a bright smile (a mask makes that difficult too), a handshake, a high five and a warm hug have become a thing of the past. I guess we need to make do with a nod of acknowledgement, friendly waving of hands, and smiling eyes as our non-verbal gestures when outdoors.

Yet we have figured out ways to remain in touch with our friends and family, reaching out a hand for the care givers, front line workers, our extended community virtually. We are touched by the plight of our migrant workforce who are the lifeline of the cities. We tried to do our bit for the underprivileged by offering cash or service in kind. Fund raising by making and selling masks and donating masks and essential supplies too.
When a piece of hand-crafted product touches our heart, we in turn inherently value the people and hours of highly skilled work behind making it. The handcrafted clothes have been touched by several skilled pairs of hands at every stage of garment making process right from farming, spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidery, cutting, sewing, ironing, packing and designing. This human touch adds the warmth and positive energy to these clothes made with love. These hands are always clean as they live a life one with nature!

When we embrace handcrafted, artisanal products we receive the warmth and in turn
extend our own hand towards sustaining lives and livelihoods. The craft sector is the second biggest means of livelihood after agriculture in India, hence has a strong potential for self- reliance and meeting the United nations Sustainable development goals. Let us learn to appreciate the tactile texture (touch and handle) and worn comfort of the handwoven and handloom fabric and garment in everyday life. Now is a time to extend the human touch!

The touchy issue of a likely spread of the COVID contagion through hand touched products is valid. However, knowing the hygienic measures that responsible slow fashion labels like us take before shipping the clothes will be helpful to reassure you about the safety. We steam all the handcrafted clothes, and pack them in a clean sanitized environment before shipping.
Embrace handmade with love in your wardrobe and lifestyle; lets join hands to grow the Slow Fashion story.



Dr Vaibbhavi Pruthviraj Ranavaade


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Very true vaibhavi…

July 1, 2020 at 5:34 pm

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