V Care Masks

V Care mask is a safety gear with functional needs. V Care masks have good oxygen permeability hence easy to breathe. Efficient, ergonomic design, so no rashes or red marks for prolonged wear.

V Care are reversible masks with 3 layers for the protection from viral droplets.

Reusable, easy to wash and avoids health and environmental hazard caused by disposable masks.

V Care Masks are natural dyed, made from handloom fabric which are skin friendly and free of harmful chemicals.

Your fashion statement of combat against Corona is handcrafted and supports zero waste and livelihoods.

V Care Masks are sold as a pack of 2 or 5

These are reversible Masks, so when you buy one pack of 2 you get 4 unique looks.

When you buy one pack of 5 you get 10 unique looks.


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